Maria Angela Villalba

Founder and Executive Director, Unlad Kabayan Migrant Service Foundation

Maria “Mayan” Angela Villalba is an activist from Butuan City. Mayan co-founded Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA), a regional alliance and platform of cooperation for migrant workers and advocates. She also developed the praxis of “Migrant Savings for Alternative Investments” or “Save and Invest”, a strategy for the productive return and reintegration of migrants to their countries of origin, enabling migrants to create their own jobs and make overseas employment a choice. Mayan has organized savings associations in destination countries, and is the founder of Unlad Kabayan. She was awarded “Social Entrepreneur of the Year, 2007” by Ernst & Young and Schwab Foundation.

Published Article:
How COVID-19 has affected international labour migration – and the path to enduring reintegration